Friday, July 19, 2013

Progression of Still Life in Pink and Blue

I do not normally share progression photos of my paintings. But while painting today I thought it would be good to take some progression shots.

Here is the setup I am working from

This picture was taken late in the evening, so it is considerably darker than what I was using to paint.

On a canvas toned with burnt unber and ultramarine blue, I used a darker mix of the same colors to mass in the items so I can get a feel for how they will sit in the picture. This also helps me develop the flow and movement I want in the painting.

After laying in the darks, I Determine the background color and tone and start laying in some color. I like to get color on the canvas relatively fast so I can start seeing how my colors work together.

As you can see, I was having a little trouble getting the shape correct on the delft jar. Now that I have a feel for how the painting will develop, I start focusing on edges to dictate the paintings movement. I also start laying in light on the table top.

This is about all I can do until it dries. I can tell I need to darken the foreground some to focus the eye back on the still life items. I also have some background work. Of course, the design on the jar will be the fun part.
- Charles

Location:Union Ave,Shreveport,United States

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