Purchase Policy

Art Purchase Policy
1. Copyright ownership
As the creator of the artwork, I retain the copyright for 70 years beyond my life (or the maximum allowed under law in the country at issue). The purchaser or owner may not exhibit for pay, publish, license, reproduce or create derivative versions the work of art without my express written permission.
 2. Permitted usage
Artwork may (and is encouraged to) be exhibited in any public or private space where it is protected from damage such as a home or office. 
Low resolution digital images may be re-posted online to blogs, e-zines, and non-profit educational web sites as long as they are not modified and the images link back to www.charlestabor.blogspot.com along with written credit to me, Charles Tabor, as creator of the artwork. If requested, images must be removed from any online location. Images from my web site may also be printed for review or non-profit educational purposes under the same terms.
Photographs taken of the artwork when it is on exhibition or in a private collection may only be posted online if the artwork image is no larger than 600pixels by 600pixels, and the posting includes artist credit to Charles Tabor along with a link to the website listed above.
Advance written permission is required for any other display of my artwork. Of course, advance written permission is required if the artwork is used as a logo or to promote any individual, business, or non-profit entity.
 3. Prohibited usage
Artwork and any images of the artwork may never be exhibited in any place or manner which is associated with or in any way may adversely affect my reputation.

4. Warranties
All artwork is created by Charles Tabor, from archival materials. With proper care all artwork should last for years to come.
Should any damage appear on artwork which has been properly cared for, I will personally make any necessary repairs or supervise the repairs, which must be performed by a third party of which I approve. Of course, I cannot take any responsibility for artwork with is damaged due to the fault of anyone other than myself.
5. Price inclusions
The quoted price includes the artwork purchased only. When shipping artwork, I personally package or supervise proper packaging of the artwork to prevent damage. Shipping prices are specified when purchasing or commissioning artwork, and depend upon the size and type of artwork purchased.
7. Price exclusions
Shipping, insurance while in transit, installation, matting and framing are additional costs unless otherwise specified.  There may be additional costs for reproduction rights or for use of the artwork as a logo or to promote any individual, business, or non-profit entity.
For orders shipped outside the USA, any customs, import, or other fees on imported goods imposed by the destination country are the sole responsibility of the recipient of the artwork.
8. Payments
I accept payment by check, money order, or PayPal. Payment must be received in full and clear the bank before the artwork will be shipped, or otherwise released to the buyer.
For most commissions, a non-refundable deposit of 25% of the purchase price is required before any work begins. The balance of the purchase price plus any additional costs (shipping, insurance, framing, matting, etc.) must be received in full and clear the bank before the artwork will be shipped, or otherwise released to the buyer.
9. Returns and/or exchanges
In order to receive a partial or full refund, or to make an exchange, artwork must be returned in the original condition, without damage or repairs I did not make or approve.  Any costs for return shipping or insurance while in transit are the responsibility of the purchaser.
No refunds will be given for shipping or insurance during transit, or for customs fees or other import costs.
All refunds are subject to my approval.  

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