Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Red Roses

8x10 oil on stretched canvas
My wife brought home a bunch of roses that were left over from an event at her job.   Although I was planning to paint some mini pumpkins (with halloween on the way and all), once I saw the roses I had to take a shot at them. Especially due to how much trouble I have had painting flowers recently.  I started with the center rose by just stating general values. Once I had the shape and the overall light/dark balance stated, I began in the middle of the flower and just worked outwards in a circle to bring the details into focus.  I followed the same general pattern for the other two roses, just making sure I left them a bit out of focus to draw the attention to the center flower.  From there, I added the stems and the vase, painting the background last.  I hope you enjoy this painting. -Charlie

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