Sunday, August 7, 2011

Oil painting: orange peel, 5x7 gesso board

[if the photo quality is bad, click on the picture to get a better quality imagine. I made this post from my phone]

The last few weeks i have been too busy to paint. Work has kept me insanely busy. Finally, today(sunday) i got the chance to spend an hour or so painting.

I have always wanted to paint a half peeled orange. (want to see if i am up to the challenge after seeing how well some other painters have done with this subject). Here is my set up:

Unlike some of my other paintings, i used natural light for this one (which i really liked). Recently i have started by using a contrasting or complimentary color for the background, which I think really brings out the object i am painting. For this painting i used a wash of prussian blue:

From there i started laying in the general orange areas to establish my shape and middle values

From there i start adding in my darks and lights and the underside of the peel. Basically trying to make the orange turn and seem round.

Once the orange is finished, i add the background. This is where i think i made my mistake. I used a gray and white background, which i think blends to close to the white in the orange. Never underestimate the importance of your background. It will make or break your painting.

I really enjoyed this painting. It will not be my last attempt at a peeled orange. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy the painting. If you have any questions (or would like to buy this painting-or any other painting on the blog), please email at
- Charles

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